Your Life: Our Mission


All Medic Units are medium duty with state of the art equipment on board- from the LP-12ís with all the options to the CPAP and our AutoVents and multiple other items to make our service up to date to serve you.


Clearfield EMS Inc. is proud to be serving Clearfield and surrounding communities since 1932. CEMS is an ALS service that dedicates its service to the community and the surrounding communities with ALS care with the ultimate goal of LIFE. Clearfield EMS staffs 3 ALS units 24/7 with 2 ALS units in reserve with a Mass Casualty unit that can assist in care up to 75 patients. We also have a 6x6 ATV to assist in care for those in need in the wilderness.

713 West Front Street

Clearfield, Pa 16830


Text Box: Your Life: Our Mission

Phone: 814-765-6710

Fax: 814-765-3174


Full time paramedic position available.